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Want a surefire way to pack a healthy lunch for your kids (and get them to actually eat it! Any one of these amazing bento boxes where you can portion veggies, fruits, dairy and grains appropriately will do just the trick.

There are plenty of bento box options on the market – an overwhelming amount, in fact – which is why we’ve done all the legwork for you to narrow down your decision.

Its 5 smaller compartments (each a ½ cup) are perfect for packing a variety of foods, and the cute illustrations on the tray remind your pre-coffee self to pack a balanced meal containing all food groups: Fruit, Vegetable, Grains, Protein, cold food side-by-side.

We’re back with the latest installment of our Back to School Guide which highlights the coolest bento boxes, snack containers, water bottles, and other rad accessories and tools you can use to make school lunches exciting. While we don’t claim to have magical powers, we hope these items will inject some fun into the packing process, and at the very least, make your kids’ lunch so exciting that you’ll get nothing back but an empty bag.

We’re incredibly proud that our 2017 Back-to-School Guide is brought to you by our amazing sponsor, Teacher, who make back-to-school supply shopping a complete breeze (seriously, we kid not).

It has 2 temperature zones so entrees keep warm in the stainless steel thermos, while sides like fruit and veggies stay cool thanks to the double-walled, air-insulated tray.

For kids who like a hot meal at lunch, this is the perfect all-in-one solution — but for those times that a One of the most innovative features of the Bentgo are the internal hinges and rubber coated edges that make it a great choice for younger kids who are more likely to drop, well, everything.

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