Dating violence intervention project

This series performed very well with the recognizable landmarks in the background of each shot.

Our following programs and services are confidential, free of charge and available in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Hmong, Somali and Basic Sign.Defining the keywords at the beginning of the campaign set up the rest of the terminology throughout the campaign and got viewers familiar with the terms.To reflect the impact that teen dating violence has on the Iowa City community, we took photos in prominent Iowa City locations and at City High School.The site also features information and resources for adults regarding how to initiate conversations with youth about healthy relationships.Additional interactive features include a healthy relationships quiz, videos, downloads and a statewide calendar and map featuring prevention events hosted by FCADV and its member centers FCADV has partnered with the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to develop a teen dating violence prevention curriculum that meets school requirements for comprehensive health education for seventh through twelfth grades while adhering to evidence-informed practices in prevention.

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