Dating violence healthy relationships

They incite issues inside a person-affecting them mentally and physically.

This causes a person to become self-harming, anxious, depressed, show tendencies of substance abuse and/or attain suicidal tendencies.

Educating teens about the importance and value of respect (both respect for oneself and respect for other people) may enable them to form healthy relationships before they start to date—to prevent dating violence before it starts.We can also spread awareness about it since the problem is that most people don’t realize what they’re doing adds up to deterioration of someone’s sanity.It is therefore recommended to talk to your kids, your friends and family. Somehow TDV also makes them susceptible to physical and sexual harm by others once they’ve grown up.There are several factors that add up to this: It is more than important to resolve this as mentioned before, as this can result in anxiety depression and suicidal tendencies.

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