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It is often said that if you buy something in the market from a man, his money will go toward alcohol, but if you buy from a woman, you know the money is going to the upkeep of her household.Women are respected in society by men in small ways, such as getting a seat on a minibus when it’s full.However, if I am asked my country of origin, it is either with genuine interest (an attempt at cultural exchange), out of politeness, or to practice English.About half the time I tell people that I am from Canada, they respond by saying a cousin or an uncle lives there.This is even true if the woman is foreign, as I (and many of my female colleagues) experienced sexism in the workplace.Local Women Brittany says: There are a few cultural differences between travelers and local women. Even though most women in Kampala can speak English – and some very well – they much prefer speaking Buganda and will revert to their language whenever they can. A Ugandan education is quite conservative and traditional.However, there are certainly areas in seedy parts of town where a woman would be unwise to visit, lest she be perceived as a prostitute.

This leaves her less free to socialize, go out, pursue hobbies, etc.Then there are the small things – the fact that we might sit down at a table where they are eating without ourselves having food (very rude); the fact that we rush greetings and get straight to the point; the open way which we talk about everything, but especially men and sex.This makes local women uncomfortable and creates a barrier between us and them.Uneducated Street Guy – They will have picked up some English through TV, movies, and music, as well as trying to talk to tourists.They might come off a little rough around the edges, and this is either because they have bad intentions or because they’ve had a rough upbringing.

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