Dating tips flowers

If you look closely and use your imagination, they’re quite, erm, womanly in their own way. What They Say: Every type of orchid has own subtle meaning.

But they generally signify beauty, luxury and strength.

“Also, if you’re in a long-term relationship they’re a fun flower to send for Valentine’s Day, without all the pressure.” Match With: Dianthus (meaning admiration) and orange roses (enthusiasm) for a sweet and thoughtful – and not too forward – bouquet.

At First Sight: Exactly like your red variety, but lavender. What They Say: Enchantment and love at first sight.

“The flower itself means desire, and sometimes, it’s a desire to be forgiven…” Match In A Bouquet With: They make a bold romantic gesture on their own.

With almost 30,000 varieties, you’ll have a pick of colours too.Who To Buy For: The lady who likes a bit of glamour and the finer things in life.Florist’s Opinion: “Orchids radiate luxury,” says Alfred.At First Sight: A blousy, grand looking flower – like a wedding dress turned upside down.And don’t think those wedding associations will go unnoticed, either. Who To Buy For: No messing around with flings or friends with benefits, these are for “the one”.

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