Dating tips flowers

At First Sight: A blousy, grand looking flower – like a wedding dress turned upside down.

And don’t think those wedding associations will go unnoticed, either. Who To Buy For: No messing around with flings or friends with benefits, these are for “the one”.

Florist’s Opinion: “If she’s the type of woman who always surprises you, don’t get her a traditional bunch,” says Sara.

“Fashion-forward floral types love a snapdragon with their surprising colourways and funny face petals.” Match With: A selection of multi-coloured snapdragons to keep it snazzy and mischievous. Who To Buy For: The lady you’re about to pop the question to. Florist’s Opinion: “A mixed bouquet featuring lilies is a great option for someone with whom you have long term plans,” says Alfred Palomares.

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“Blooming over time, it’s a good flower to say ‘I’m sorry’…At First Sight: Big busy-looking, star-shaped flowers that jump out at you. “Lilies are a high-impact flower, and make a statement because of their size and fragrance.If there are a hundred reasons why you love her, you need one thing that says it all.” Match With: A combo alongside waxflower (meaning happiness), red roses (desire) and Asiatic lilies (long-lasting love) makes an elegant bouquet.To stop you from committing a Valentine’s disaster, we’ve asked some top florists for some good advice on the most popular Valentine’s flowers – what they say and the sort of lady to buy them for. If you’re the sort of bloke who doesn’t know what these look like, chances are you’re in trouble this Valentine’s either way. Don’t go OTT though – send two-dozen of these to a new/prospective girlfriend might send her running.Florist’s Opinion: “A red rose is a classic expression of love,” says Alfred Palomares, floral expert from 1-800

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