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It’s not all feeding baby penguins – zookeepers spend a lot of time clearing up after the animals they look after, which means they will have perfected their sweeping and window cleaning skills. A zookeeper’s passion for wildlife doesn’t end at work so expect to travel together to far-flung destinations to see the local flora and fauna in person. In very special circumstances, a zookeeper will hand-rear a baby animal if its parents abandon it. If you decide to start a family together you know they’ll always be somewhere to keep the kids occupied during those long school holidays. Fingers crossed that special behind-the-scenes access extends to loved-ones! They sometimes take their work home with them – in a good way. Meet singles in El Paso, Texas with Ok Cupid, the best free dating site on Earth.

The lovely people at ZSL London Zoo – the world’s oldest scientific zoo – told us their top tips for why zookeepers are some of the most dateable people on the planet. Nathan (France) I went to lots of different sites before I got to and it is legit.I've got the prettiest wife in the whole world and my granny is happy! Alexander (Norway) I heard about this from a movie, but I didn’t know it was real. Riccardo (Italy) It was quite a surprise to find women whom I actually connected to. You do a big deal - you help lonely men to find their destiny. Now my love is full of sense and we're going to travel a lot. Samuel (Spain) Contacting the available girls in our database is very simple. Whether it’s training a tiger or weighing a meerkat, patience is always the key ingredient. You can tell all your friends that you’re dating a zookeeper. Perfect for off-loading some of that boring housework. Including sometimes taking it home if it needs 24 hour care.

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