Dating site niches

Basically, the most lucrative markets that are evergreen and always profitable are ones involving dating / romance / relationships (laid), wealth / money / jobs / finance (paid) or health / fitness / illness (living forever).

These markets are evergreen and profitable and forever will be.

People don't make rash decisions when spending thousands so if they buy something they usually plan to see the purchase through. There are over 1.2 billion watched sold annually according to Stastic Brain.

If you could sell to just 0.1% of that audience, how would that be? The payday loan niche is reported to be worth over 2.2 billion.

People are forever buying new equipment, tools and gear for their passions.

Does this show you how popular and lucrative these niches can be? Hobbies and activities are also stupidly profitable if you target the ones where the customers have a lot of money to spend on their passion.

Just take some of these other niches for example... When something makes someone feel happy or gives them pleasure they will spend money on it over and over again.

And the Forex industry trades over .1 trillion per day according to Wiki.

Are you beginning to see how lucrative some of these can be? And the romance niches are also a good choice which we're about to uncover below...

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