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Note that these changes did not necessarily occur on a fixed date, so you may find some "outliers" that have FON or serial numbers indicating one year, but characteristics such as headstock logo or bridge design that suggest a year earlier or later.It's not like on January 1 of every year they sat down and said "from now on, this will be the headstock logo and bridge design".You might be DTFarmer’s Market on the weekends and DTFight about the President after a particularly cringe-worthy tweet.There are other people on Ok Cupid who are down for the same things, and you don’t have to wait till the date to find out.What year did the headstocks logos go from "the Gibson" in script, to "Gibson" in script, to the modern Gibson logo that we so love today???? I'm sure there are those more knowledgeable than I am on this, but I believe the chronology is as follows: Switch from "The Gibson" to "Gibson" script logo: 1932-1933.(Just Kidding...I ever order a custom guitar from Gibson, I will order it with "the Gibson" in script) I also really like the "snakehead" headstock,( although I don't know if they are still doing that one)...since we are documenting history...which years did they do the "Only a Gibson is good enough" Headstocks??? "Banner" headstock ("Only a Gibson is Good Enough"): 1942-1946.

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Found this using Google and seems to match generalizations stated in "Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars", except that it doesn't note Banner used on flattops from 1942-1946. "The Gibson" slanted or straight (depends on model): 1908-1929. "Gibson" logo transition (without "The"), varies by model: 1928-1934.

Pearl inlaid, high-end models: 1933-1948 White silkscreen, low-end models: 1928-1943.

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