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The men who are attracted will still write, the men who aren’t won’t, but you will have largely eliminated the request for recent, full body photos, because you provided them up front. Yes, you are being objectified, but each side is objectifying the other, no?

I have guy friends who don’t see it from my point of view. But there’s always an issue between how the world works and how we want the world to work.

That they’ve been duped in the past and women trick them with angles and lighting. I’m sure I’m not the only woman that feels this way! I wince when they ask me to send a “body shot.” I hate to think a date rides on how my body looks from this or that angle.

I’m also uncomfortable with strangers I’ve never met having a stash of my photos. Most guys aren’t photo-collecting stalkers; they’re men who don’t want to show up on another date with someone who is 25lbs heavier than advertised. In fact, it sounds like you very much understand how the world works – you just don’t want to accept it.

But the pattern is that they don’t stop demanding more.

This has led me to stop talking to some guys who may have been a great potential. Not because of issues with my image, but because they’ve seen other photos and I hate to think a date rides on how my body looks from this or that angle.

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