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The French, in general, have a very clear idea of what their sense of style is (it’s one way that the style stereotypes tend to be true).

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This doesn’t mean what it means in other cultures, that you’re locked in. They can also say they love you very quickly, meaning that they think you’re great, rather than wanting to spend the rest of their life with you. “ French Millennials (and often older) don’t generally have a problem remaining in contact with their exes.

Some of them found their “true love” on their first meeting itself. There are barely any answers that are from people outside India.

Some of them already know that the other person is going to be the mother/father of their babies in less than 3 months after joining the site. One of those suggests that it’s just better to close the website and meet people outside. And that, is how fucked up the dating system is in India.

This creates a vicious closeted scenario where no one is actually dating.

In this toxic environment people marry the first person that suits them.

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    It was in the United States, however, that the principle was first given the force of law and gradually, in the course of two centuries, became a reality.