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In Defense of Being Average – A much-needed defense of the unexceptional — which is pretty much all of us.Screw Finding Your Passion – You already know what you love to do. The Four Stages of Life – The phases of life that we all travel through and how they define who we are.

The American Dream Is Killing Us – Some commentary on why I think the American Dream isn’t just dead, it’s actually being used against us.

" I often find myself grumbling, tired of waiting, tired of trying to hang onto hope as the months and years slip away and so many questions remain unanswered.

I long for a breakthrough in a tedious career that does little to spark life in my heart.

But so often when I go to him with my questions and restlessness, he doesn't reveal anything instantly. It's in the desert, the wilderness, the quietness that God can restore hope and vision and deepen my character.

Yes, he brings hope, he renews my faith, and he gives me strength to keep going.

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