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All subscribers enjoy full access to the Journal's website, which features broadcast quality videos of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, podcasts, comprehensive article archives dating to 1946, and additional benefits offered by the newly-redesigned website.The goal of ® is to inform readers about significant developments in all areas related to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.PRS is based on the Coplin-O’Leary political and country risk rating methodology.It is the only risk methodology that provides probabilities to alternative political regimes over an 18-month and five-year term.A number of products based on these two risk rating systems are produced at regular intervals throughout the year.Our data include political, economic, and financial risk ratings and forecasts derived from the two methodologies, dating to the early 1980s.

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Others have found ICRG data to “provide information that has great predictive value with respect to future equity returns globally,”6 and to help determine the impact of financial asset shortages in emerging markets on economic growth, asset price bubbles, and the probability of a crisis.Our clients include: global asset managers, many of the world’s development banks and lending agencies, academics at universities worldwide, and multinational firms with assets held globally, usually in the manufacturing and natural resource extraction sector.Non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and private equity groups also purchase our reports and data on a regular basis and engage the firm in consulting projects.The ICRG is completely separate from the Political Risk Services line of products.Dr Christopher Mc Kee uses a separate methodology to arrive at its political and country risk ratings.

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