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That's your Argentinian, your Benghali, your Taliban or Columbian buying a dollar : the simple submission, the nude declaration that while he himself can't be all that people can be, and can't see all that people can see, you... The disappointment of this hope - illusory, of course, like all hope ever is - that's the sad part of the collapse - inevitable, as all collapse ever is - of the last remnant of the colonial empire of Europe.Sure, on its ruins other things, great things will come to be, that's how it works.So no, when I despise you for the despicable waste that you are, it's not just because you can't walk up to a woman and slap her butt, it's not just because you can't throw a punch or take a punch, it's not just because you suck.personalitybrash and confident, zay fancies himself a smooth talker, but hiswords and actions more often get him into trouble rather than out ofit, which causes him to depend on lucas to bail him out. Ifyou cant go 5 minutes without checking facebook on your phone, wereprobably not a good match.Shivaji's mother, Jijabai, was queen regent because of her ability as a warrior and an administrator.

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A true collection which will provide only socks fetish moments and nudity.

I do feel quite sorry indeed however for the few billion human beings living in third hand countries, immersed in third hand cultures, surrounded by the shit of their own failure amassed over the millenia.

From India to Peru, countless, untold multitudes who, unable either individually or in groups of their own choosing to match the glory and the splendour of [meanwhile defunct] white culture, nevertheless try to participate.

How much effort are you willing to expend to detect forgeries, eight dollars at a time ?

Mining Bitcoin by hand suddenly becomes an attractive prospect, there's what, 150`000 pesos in a block. In this particular situation, you do not actually wish to establish some sort of objective reality as to whether the actual bills you're receiving are false or not, for the very sound fundamental reason that such a reality does not in fact exist : all bills are false, in the same way for the same reasons.

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