Dating old bikes

There was a resurgence in domestic and export demand for pedal bicycles and by February 1932 Raleigh had acquired all the Humber Limited trade marks.

Manufacture was transferred to Raleigh's Nottingham works.

The history of Raleigh bicycles started in 1885, when Richard Morriss Woodhead from Sherwood Forest, and Paul Eugene Louis Angois, a French citizen, set up a small bicycle workshop in Raleigh Street, Nottingham, England.

In the spring of that year, they started advertising in the local press.

The company established by Bowden in December 1888 was still privately owned with unlimited public liability.

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In 2006, the Raleigh Chopper was named in the list of British design icons in the Great British Design Quest organised by the BBC and the Design Museum.

He was a lace gasser, a service provider involved in the bleaching and treating of lace, with premises in nearby Clare Street and Glasshouse Street.

Thanks to Ellis, the bicycle works had now expanded round the corner from Raleigh Street into former lace works on the adjoining road, Russell Street.

Russell Street Cycle Works.’ William Ellis had recently joined the partnership and provided much-needed financial investment.

Like Woodhead and Angois, Ellis’s background was in the lace industry.

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