Dating no nos

Express your interest in meeting and be consistent, but make your moves based on the responses you get from the woman.

If she responds in kind and messages you often then great.

Despite this there are still some really common mistakes that people make which mean that their profile doesn’t get the attention it deserves. No photo Before you upload a profile put some time and effort into making sure that you have some decent photos of yourself to upload.

With good quality digital cameras built into phones and mobile devices there’s really no excuse.

An incomplete profile may also make people suspicious that you’re not a genuine member and wary about contacting you.

Put an evening aside and fill it ALL in – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Being boring or generic There are many things that make you uniquely you so why waste your precious words describing aspects of your life that make you sound just like everyone else?

An incomplete profile expresses apathy, lack of commitment, laziness and an insincere approach to the dating process.

Copy and paste your words into Microsoft Word and run a spell check or ask a friend to proof read your profile before it goes live.

This crushed my self esteem, and trust dating is so much harder than meeting pple in real life..

it's like shopping for a partner and unless your willing to comprimise, you'll never find 'the one' because that perfect person dosn't exist I have been on dating sites..

Put just as much effort into your profile as you would into a CV and remember that the job you’re applying for is to be someone’s lifetime partner – that’s surely worth the effort.

Using a bad picture While women are notorious for using overly good photos as their profile pictures, often resulting in a bit of disappointment on the actual date, men are well known for choosing pictures that don’t do them justice. If you’re feeling clueless about what makes a good photo (and, to be honest, most men are) then ask someone else.

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