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The ideal thing is a cork from a bottle cut down to the right height to suit the gap and glued to the back of the case.The front of the case can then be tightly packed against this cork to stabilise it.

Now the case is secure, the pendulum can be swung to check if the clock is in beat.

Look at the drawing, then pass the pendulum up through the trunk door, up the back slot of the board, up through the crutch slot and pass the suspension spring into the slot of the back cock and seat the brass block down into the notch.

Now that the pendulum is on, there is less likelihood of the movement falling forward. Manoeuvre the board backwards or forwards, from side to side, from underneath until the dial lines up perfectly in the hood aperture. With 8 day clocks, untangle the lines carefully and deal with one side at a time.

If the longest gap is when the pendulum is swinging towards the left, the crutch arm must be bent towards the right. The suspension block should be in the centre of the crutch fork, adjusted by bending the crutch arm backwards or forwards.

The hood can now be replaced and the clock wound and set to time. 8 day clocks are wound once a week, usually with a cranked key in a clockwise direction of 14 turns.

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