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Of people surveyed (and as always, I grill friends, casual drinking companions, randoms within close bar proximity, former hook ups and your mailman), their reasonings behind the Instagram-add fell into two camps: those who did it for the followers, and those who did it for transparency.The crew who told me they did it for the followers said they noticed a modest jump.Later, after partaking in significantly less conversations than I had on Tinder or its competitors, I was told that “no one really used Raya to date, but to get more Instagram followers.” In this context, where everyone’s profile was packed with a series of professional headshots, it made sense.A few months later, while swiping through Bumble, there it was: an Instagram handle. It soon became just as common to see as height or “that’s not my kid.” I found out many of my friends — guys and girls alike — also have theirs listed, which prompted an informal investigation.“practice absolute anonymity.” The fear — and I assume this holds true for anyone with young kids to protect, plus my dad, who is convinced the Internet is just one big credit-card-stealing, identity-theft trap — was that an axe murderer would find and kill you.The internet we know today, however, is but a balcony upon which to fan out intimate life details as though they were dollar bills and we were making it rain.None seemed weirded out that listing their handles meant any random, terrifying human who came across their dating profiles, not just matches, could view their Instagrams.The general response was, “my Instagram is public anyway, so what’s the difference?

Those with private profiles granted requests for entry at their discretion. Next we have the group who did it for transparency.“If you feel like somebody is just throwing you crumbs, stop picking up the crumbs,” Gandhi said.If a man really wants to be with you, he’s going to amp up his efforts in response.If someone doesn’t live up to your standards, cut them loose.RELATED: Complaining just might be the secret to a happy relationship Ultimately, you may just have to stop engaging with this person.

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