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The score is displayed in a ranked scoreboard to compare the player's performance on successive runs.

Because of the expansion of numerous variations on the roguelike theme, the gameplay elements characterizing the roguelike genre were explicitly defined at the International Roguelike Development Conference 2008 held in Berlin, Germany; these factors encompass what is known as the "Berlin Interpretation".

The Interpretation is designed to determine "how roguelike a game is", noting that missing a factor does not eliminate a game from being a roguelike, nor does possessing the features make a game roguelike.

Most roguelikes have an ultimate goal of either claiming an item located at the deepest level of the dungeon, or defeating a specific monster that lives on that level.

Typical roguelikes assess the player's performance at the end of the game through a score based on the amount of treasure, money, and experience earned, and how fast the player finished the game, if they managed to do so.

Some games such as Net Hack even have the player's former characters reappear as enemies within the dungeon.

Multi-player turn-based derivatives such as Tome NET, MAngband, and Crossfire do exist and are playable online.

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