Dating guest list

Basil Charles, the flamboyant owner of Basil's Bar, has also been invited.Set for the Abbey: Jecca Craig, rumoured to be a former flame of the Prince, seen left with Captain Philip Kaye; Arabella Musgrave, who went out with William before he went to University, is also invited Kate has invited her ex-boyfriend Rupert Finch, whom she dated at St Andrews before she started seeing William, and her Marlborough friend Willem Marx, with whom she was rumoured to have had a relationship in the sixth-form.Swiss-based, British-born investment banker Alexander Hood, 4th Viscount Bridport, and Newbury-based horse trainer Hugh Morrison, along with his wife Mary, are also to attend, as is designer Philippa Naylor.

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Kate's uncle, multi-millionaire entrepreneur Gary Goldsmith, who shamed the family when he was filmed chopping cocaine and boasting of his Royal connections, will be among those invited to meet the Queen at the Palace.Jeanette Cadet, the 'welcoming face' who fronts the villa rentals office on Mustique, is also attending.The island's head tennis coach Richard Schaffer has been invited, along with Gregory Allen, the island's yoga teacher, and the local doctor Michael Bunbury and his wife.Jecca Craig, reportedly William's first true love and one of his closest friends, is on the list together with her boyfriend Captain Philip Kaye, her parents Ian and Jane, and her brother Batian and his wife Melissa.The Prince's best friends from Gloucestershire, known as the 'Glosse Posse', are all on the list, including Amanda Bush – nicknamed 'Bouncing Tigger' because of her lively character – Lady Catherine Percy, the daughter of the Duke of Northumberland, and her husband Patrick Valentine.

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