Dating for people with illness

“I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I was in a coma.’”The classic coma excuse.

In Miller’s case, it turned out okay, even with the misunderstanding—the couple eventually married.

In most cases, sex happens more quickly, probably due to not having had it as frequently as they would like to. Chronic illness is no doubt a deal-breaker for many people.

On Date, the question of whether people would date someone with a chronic illness has come up more than one time in the forums. Some would if the disease or illness wasn’t contagious.

“Don’t even tempt me.”That was Ashley Pierce’s response when her friend Tammi tried to set her up with Walter.

And then there are people like the person in the forum who wrote, “No, no, and no!!It makes the words ‘til death do us part’ have even more meaning.”Even if someone is interested in them, the chronically ill may not want to subject anyone else to their disease—the potentially debilitating symptoms and depression that follows.This was the mentality of a person who posted on Yahoo!Besides, if he was anything like other guys she had pursued, she didn’t think he’d be able to handle it. For Pierce, the most extreme cases were when the doctor told her parents she wouldn’t make it through the night, either because she had stopped breathing or was dangerously anemic, weighing in at 63 pounds.On more ordinary days, she experiences stomach issues and a chronic cough, among other non-terminal-but-annoying symptoms caused by medicines that suppress her illnesses.

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