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It is a proven method of creating brand loyalty and lift beyond the traditional means of advertising.

Four Corners (air date: 2001-09-27) Three weeks after the death of Derek Fossen, Greene faces interrogation at an M&M conference.

Abby seems to notice the chemistry between Susan and Carter and gets a little jealous.

Cleo has gotten a better job 40 minutes outside of Chicago.

Branded Content is a native advertising that connects advertisers with the readers of through content that informs, engages or entertains them.

It is not for product placement, but rather should aim to provide the reader with new information they can take away with them, brought to them by the advertiser.

He begs her not to fire him because he needs the money Never Say Never (air date: 2001-10-18) Susan Lewis arrives in Chicago to interview around town and have lunch with Mark.

At the meeting, the focus quickly shifts away from Chen to Weaver, as she is forced to admit that Chen was 5 days short of attending status, and she herself was off hospital grounds.She discovers that an official investigation has been launched into her being an "angel of mercy" and the police will be contacting her.Corday also fights with Rachel upon discovering Ella unattended.The Greene household is pretty crazy now that Rachel is living there.After Elizabeth loses another patient to a post-op infection, an investigation is launched and someone is assigned to shadow her all day to check her cleanliness.

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