Dating epiphone les paul standard

The name Epiphone evokes both history and the spirit of invention, shown through some of the most sought after instruments. And, we're passionate about everything we do." Swee Lee is South-East Asia's largest and most trusted Epiphone distributor and dealer.

As Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg put it so eloquently, "We're designers. Whether you're looking for an Epiphone Les Paul Standard or a Casino, we have you covered!

It also became apparent to me that many people don’t really know the difference between Gibson and Epiphone, or how the two fit together.

Is Gibson always considered a treasure and is an imported Epiphone always considered trash? Gibson has been building guitars since 1894 and the name is generally synonymous with a quality, valuable, and great-playing guitar.

Gibson President Ted Mc Carty, who had previously expressed interest in buying a portion of Epiphone, ended up purchasing the entire company in 1957.

It was decided that Epiphone would be re-established as a first-rate guitar manufacturer so that Gibson’s parent company, CMI (Chicago Musical Instruments), could offer a product comparable in every way to Gibson.

But after the hardships of World War II, illnesses and death in the Epiphone family, and severe labor issues at the Epiphone factory in the ’50s, the company found themselves falling behind.

Epiphone's Les Paul Standard has been a favorite guitar for years and years.

Starting with the same successful recipe, Epiphone significantly "steps it up" on this Limited Edition "1959" reissue.

Epiphone hand fits this solid Mahogany neck into the body with an historically accurate "deep-set" long neck tenon that extends well into the neck pickup cavity creating even more tone and sustain. Burst Bucker pickups replicate the sound of Gibson's original "Patent Applied For" pickups - the pickups that gave the '59 Les Paul Standard its legendary sound.

As is traditional with Les Paul Standards, the back of the body is solid Mahogany while the top is a carved Hard Maple cap. Like the originals, with unpolished magnets and non-potted coils, variations in pickup output and tone also came from inconsistencies in winding the bobbins, a result of the lack of automatic shutoffs on Gibson's winding machines in the late 1950s.

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