Dating corkscrews

Slowly dropping temperatures in autumn make for a long ripening season.Microclimates with high humidity can also bring about the beloved noble rot. The Champalou family farms twenty-one hectares of vineyards on clay, limestone, and siliceous soils.He has already begun construction of a new cellar, right across the street from the family home, destined for crafting exclusively his own wines.The extra working space will allow him to experiment with new methods of vinification, as Antoine-Marie shares his father’s innovative vision and creativity.And in our opinion here at KLWM, the Ente’s meticulousness and passion have earned them a place in our “Never Stops Improving” category.The path to becoming a vigneron was a natural one for Antoine-Marie Arena, son of famed Corsican producer Antoine Arena.The gravel and chalk in the vineyards also play a role absorbing the sun’s rays, lending increased ripeness to this part of the Touraine. They embrace sustainable farming while also integrating the use of the lunar calendar more traditionally associated with organic viticulture.

In addition to his experience on his native , Antoine-Marie studied viticulture and enology in Hyères and further broadened his competences with internships in both Burgundy and Provence.

In the early 2000s, he and his brother Jean-Baptiste joined their father at the domaine full-time.

As of the 2014 vintage, the Arenas have divided their holdings evenly between Antoine, Antoine-Marie, and Jean-Baptiste.

Since starting the domaine in 1983, they have not only grown their business, but their label is one of the most highly-acclaimed in the appellation.

Vouvray is home to the noble Chenin Blanc, more commonly known as Pineau de la Loire in their part of the world.

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