Dating child of alcoholic amateur datingonline

Addiction also prevents people from developing mature ways of dealing with anger that would do away with the need of passive-aggression.When these people become sober, they may continue to resort to these maladaptive ways of expressing their ire.These are the dangers of this type of activity: * This type of behavior can cause as much pain and suffering as open aggression. When people behave dishonestly they may sometimes get what they want, but it is ultimately self-defeating.* Those individuals who have passive-aggressive personalities find it hard to make friends.When they do develop friendships, these tend to be of a shallow nature.

Some people are so dependent on passive-aggressive behavior that they are classified as having a personality disorder.

These are the primary symptoms of the condition: * The individual is envious or even resentful of people who appear to be more fortunate than they are.

* The person frequently feels that other people do not understand or fully appreciate them.

Those individuals who have been addicted to alcohol or drugs often rely on passive-aggression behaviors.

This may be because they are too focused on hiding their addiction to risk being openly aggressive in order to get their way they need to resort to manipulation and underhand strategies.

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