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The ELF waves generated by HAARP were still weak enough that submarines would need some sensitive equipment to detect them.So unless a person was actually floating around in the ionosphere at 100 km (more than 62 miles high) — at the specific spot HAARP was heating — they were in no danger.Eastlund's patent described an idea for a gargantuan transmitter hundreds of times more powerful than HAARP whose huge electric power generation requirements were fueled by Alaskan natural gas.And it merely speculated on "possible ramifications and potential future developments" for things like magnetotelluric surveys, local weather modification, military applications, and anti-missile defense.

Despite the fact that HAARP, GWEN, and mobile wireless services were designed to work on three different frequencies, cell phone towers (in fact any radio towers) have gotten shoehorned into a colossal unified conspiracy theory, conveniently involving every kind of fringe nonsense you could think of, including chemtrails, vaccines, yogis, alien implants and Tesla woo.In later years, Eastlund claimed that HAARP was built using his ideas, a notion roundly rejected by HAARP management as "crazy". More are being installed every day, often visually blighting rural landscapes and suburban neighborhoods.used to receive broadcast and satellite communications is interpreted by cranks as being somehow connected to HAARP and weather control/mind control. Cranks scour patent records looking for descriptions of technology that fit the HAARP conspiracy narrative, especially if they have scary-sounding names with the words "defense" or "lasers" in them. To cranks, this has nothing to do with the fact that an increasing number of mobile users created the need for more and better wireless coverage -- hence, more towers needed to service them.To solve this problem, HAARP created a "virtual" ELF antenna way up in the ionosphere. 400 miles of utility poles supporting 800 miles of wire — but instead using science to create the equivalent of it in the upper atmosphere is a pretty amazing achievement when you think about it.But our kickass scientists did this by having HAARP heat a specific spot in the ionosphere with a powerful beam of shortwave radio signals.

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