Dating baseball players

But 15 active NFL-ers, six active hoopsters, two soccer stars (Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo), two tennis legends (Serena Williams and Roger Federer), one swimmer (Michael Phelps), one hockey player (Sidney Crosby), one sprinter (Usain Bolt), one race car driver (Dale Earnhardt Jr.), one mixed martial artist (Conor Mc Gregor) and one Tiger (Woods) all make appearances on this list before a single active baseball player.

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And baseball has to see that convincing [those stars] and having them participate will serve the game."Let's take a step back and recognize that at least part of this is cyclical. But once Jeter and Ortiz (and even Alex Rodriguez) spun out the revolving door, was there baseball player ready to take their place? Unless you're a pitcher, how much is the camera on any baseball player? "The point is that the faces of football and basketball have built-in star power that no active baseball player has right now. But baseball players have never been expected to take on that responsibility."We're at a point now where the younger stars coming up have to be groomed that way," one baseball official says. There is more to producing those icons than just sitting back and waiting for them to arise organically."Baseball has got a group of young players who I think are the next generation," Tellem says.The most popular active player in the NFL is Tom Brady. In baseball, you hear that phrase "period of transition" a lot. And MLB and the players' association have been talking for months about new ways to use players to promote the game. "But one problem is, they're not known as well because they haven't come out of their markets.With time, with enough October glory, with the right star-making moments, any of those names above could be the next Face of Baseball. The union is committed, says its chief of business affairs, Tim Slavin, to helping the sport market baseball "around the individuality and personality of the players." That has to happen, said union head Tony Clark, because "we've got a special group of players, as special as any we've had in a long time.""We have veterans," Clark says. Baseball is more local, so they haven't been exposed nationally like basketball players. He's the only name on the list -- in any sport -- who hasn't appeared in a game for more than eight decades. The first active player who shows up on this list is Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo at No. So the still totally retired Michael Jordan ranked as America's favorite basketball player (and favorite any kind of player, for that matter). The Hit King last played in the big leagues 31 years ago -- and he has been suspended from his sport for the last 28. America's three favorite baseball figures: Guys who have been dodging the box scores for a combined 116 years. In baseball's defense, respondents were invited to name either active retired athletes.

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