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Noticing a gin bottle wedged in a dune, she picked it up thinking that it “might look nice on display” at her home in Lancelin, Perth.

It was then she noticed inside the bottle was a damp note that had been tied up with a piece of string.

Nahas pointed out that the excavations indicate that a fourth ship is likely to be found during the coming period.

During this season, the mission uncovered large wooden planks, as well as pottery vessels that may have been part of the sunken ship’s cargo.

Experts believe many of the vessels were used in religious or burial rituals, rather than for eating.

Construction workers uncovered bronze vessels while they were building houses in the area, leading archaeologists to take interest.

The Zhou Dynasty had formally collapsed only 35 years earlier, although the dynasty had had only nominal power at that point.

Researchers from the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology in China made the discovery in Baoji City.

The Zhou may have seized the bronze vessels during the war and given them to the person who was buried in the tomb, The discovery was made in Baoji City, where around 57 tombs have been found during excavations that began in 2012.

The wreckages of three vessels dating back to the Roman era were discovered during excavations in the Mediterranean Sea carried out by an Egyptian mission in cooperation with the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology at the Eastern Port of Alexandria, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa al-Waziry announced.

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