Dating a military woman Chat de sex talk

A lot of American men say they love the idea of an international romance.

They might like the accent, or the different heritage.” Dreyer also makes it clear that she’s not doing this to help arrange marriages for legal purposes, like gaining citizenship. “To the people who say they just want to meet and marry [for citizenship], I say I’m not a marriage agency.

And in her personal life, her female German friends inquired about the potential availability of any of her US army co-workers.

One thing that is a bit different is the question of marriage.

but if they say they don’t speak English, I have to tell them to consider how they think they can have a relationship with an American this way.” But when it comes to dating norms, Dreyer says there aren’t the same barriers.

Germans and Americans tend to have similar views on courtship, such as questioning who should pay on the first date.

With thousands of American military members and personnel in the Wiesbaden community, there is certainly a market for foreign singles looking to settle in.

And that's where matchmaker Jessica Dreyer steps in.

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