Dating a girl from thailand

I hear stereotypes from all sides about why Thai women like a Western man and not Thai men, why Western men like Thai women instead of Western women, and vice versa.

It ultimately just comes down to person-to-person, but there’s also some truth to the stereotypes…everyone’s ideas seem to be contradicting each other which makes it confusing though.

I kind of think that western women are used to chivalry and being shown a lot of affection, which can make them uncomfortable. ” I think it’s far more likely that it’s just that those are the kind of guys you are attracted to.

To put it mildly, most Thai guys are far more towards the “metro” side than guys you would be used to back home.

There isn’t any hostility towards foreigners, just no or little curiosity. You make a good point, people are almost always polite and helpful but there’s definitely a wall up .Saving face is a huge deal in Thailand and there’s a fear, like with any foreign language, about speaking English and looking stupid if speaking incorrectly. But I guess there is a thing in common with all the relationships: you never know where and when you will meet the special someone! I lived in CM for almost 3 years and did my fair share of dating – and not *all* of them fell into the bartender/bar owner/tattoo artist/tour guide/musician group! I was in school when I first came, so I dated some students, too – and had the same problem you mentioned about really making friendships beyond a surface-level friendliness.The Western women are with the bartenders/musicians/tattoo artists because Somehow I managed to cross this invisible cultural barrier and have found myself now helping in a tattoo shop. I’m looking forward to more personal stories on what have you learnt thanks to your bf… I worked with Burma NGOs, and there are far more fahrang woman/burmese(or ethnic) man relationships – most that I knew of were long term, serious relationships, many married.The few that inspire western women are the ones working in classic bad boy jobs. I’m more ‘inspired’ though by someone I can actually communicate with though more than if he’s ‘metro’ or ‘bad boy’.I also don’t know if I buy that whole stereotype of the bad boy appeal…regardless the guys from these jobs are often more likely to be around and speak with Western women than others. From my time spent in Thailand and everyone I came across, my conclusion is that Thailand is a very “closed” country.

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