Dating 4 really love in europe

He said it was one of the nicest conversations he’d had with someone he just met. I heard him talking to my waitress (in Danish), and shortly after, he took over as my waiter.I smiled the whole walk back to my hotel, feeling revived and relaxed. He asked about my trip and was confident, smooth, and flirty.I couldn’t get enough of him, and it seemed like he felt the same way.

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But he was friendly, and we had fish and chips, then café-hopped and each bought rounds of drinks. At first, I was confused, until I remembered he paid the bill.

He might be right about Will, but I didn’t agree with his assessment of me; I’ve dated other guys before and since Will, and I haven’t cared about anyone else.

I was in the city of Faro in the Algarve Region for one night and not expecting any dates.

His friends seemed more willing to help me translate in restaurants than Pablo, who seemed more interested in flirting with the scantily-clad girl sitting next to him.

He couldn’t even help me order lunch, when he was the only one who spoke both languages fluently? My last week in Seville I dated Mario*, who was half Italian and half Spanish. Pissed he couldn’t bother to give me a heads up, I looked up taxi companies and scheduled a pick-up.

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