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At the end of this page's extensive, (and hopefully authoritative, informative and entertaining), review of the History of Evolutionary Theory, however, there is some further content related to a very reliably evidenced consideration of innate "Human Nature".

These reliable sources of evidence include ~ Modern Psychological Science ~ and perhaps even more importantly, such undoubted spiritual, philosophical and literary authorities as The Major World Religions, Plato, William Shakespeare and Ralph Waldo Emerson!!!

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Although he had not proved to have much academic aptitude at school in Shrewsbury he then went to Edinburgh to study medicine but did not make worthwhile progress - partly because he did not relish the suffering of patients or the sight of blood resulting from medical procedures.His modest and untrained scientific inclinations were encouraged by Adam Sedgewick, a geologist and also by a botany professor, John Stevens Henslow, who was instrumental, despite heavy paternal opposition, in securing a unpaid place for Darwin as a naturalist on a long term scientific expedition that was to be made by HMS Beagle under the command of Captain Fitz Roy.In fact he only won parental consent to his joining the HMS Beagle after his uncle, Josiah Wedg(wood II, spoke on his behalf.The 'Origin' provided us with the working hypothesis we sought.Moreover, it did the immense service of freeing us for ever from the dilemma--refuse to accept the creation hypothesis, and what have you to propose that can be accepted by any cautious reasoner?

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