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If the logic of the proceedings and actual workings of the game aren't fool-proof, especially during the disappointing "not-so-surprise" ending, the script does give some good twists and turns, and works just fine as a well-executed thriller.

Perfectly suited for its off-again-on-again leading man, Douglas fits into the role like a glove as a man used to being in control breaking under the pressure of events outside his reckoning.

) Lee stand-ins used including Hong Kong legend Yuen Biao.

Everyone else will appreciate - if not enthuse over - the blend of paranoia and the telling insider details, making Game Over an interesting look into a controversial event.

Documentary: 6/10 : Though Gamera was originally created as a kid's version of Godzilla, the recent film adventures have been anything but infantile.

To add to the running time, there's even an extended ring-match with Sammo Hung fighting one of the villains.

Though director Clouse who worked with Lee on Enter the Dragon was brought in to take care of production, this has all the makings of a 70's cheapie production when two-bit Lee imitators vied for audiences, and even he can't make a leaden, stupid script work.

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