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In any event, I agree with him and am glad that he is okay.Sascha Baron Cohen is gay.[quote]Meryl had an affair with Jack on "Ironweed" set.I don't think he's a dummy, but I'm not going to rush to proclaim his brilliance.[quote]c) Kenneth Feld (owner of Ringling Bros Circus, the Ice Capades, and who knows what else) was the agent and, I believe part owner, of the Show.

The thread was so good and the stories were so vivid and detailed...small things that somebody making it up would not think to write..the thread was deleted. Also, while Sacha's act looks improvised and individual in reality he leans heavily on pre-prepared stuff from his sharp writing team. What gay gossip have you found on Datalounge with a ring of truth about it and why do you believe it? In a thread recently there was some gossip about Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols.This is something that Mila Kunis spread because he told her and everyone else that Ashton Kutcher was a douche.We also got a lot of good, related industry gossip around that and his rant, which made it more authentic to me."Tom Cruise's adopted son is the biological son of one of Tom's ex-boyfriends"You mean Conner, Tom's biracial son?I hope someone steps in and helps that kid deal with being African American AND Tom Cruise's son. I've been reading this site for years, never posting, but always fascinated by the gossip here as well as the intelligent and witty responses.

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