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The story had true-to-life details, such as when the Latino was later recounting the event and was asked if Marc was jerking off while he was sucking, the guy got all excited and said Yes, yes, how did you know??!!Ha ha, r43, that was me with the Al Sharpton story, and again I can assure you all that it happened!But you could share some info that might be a little tame, just confirm homo or bi status of people, without giving demeaning info or things only you could know. if you had sex with a guy, he wouldn't have only done it with you. If you come from that perspective of no harm, you can still share info - just not the juiciest parts of it.If you prefer, you can just call me at home and tell me everything. Most of the queens with high morals about revealing real gossip probably don't have any.It's just bad form...I am surprised how accurate some of the gossip is on here.

It also gives me a lot of sympathy for Scott and the fucked-up stuff he was exposed to as a kid -- bad enough living at the Playboy Mansion as a little kid and touring with Cypress Hill as a tween, but watching your dad kill your boyfriend on top of it all would drive anyone over the edge. I believe this becausea) they were moving the act from the Frontier Hotel to the Mirage at the time and had two years to train the "new" Roy with the animals and get the production down smoothly.b) there was a LOT of money at stake.That someone here reported being cruised and cruised hard by Al Sharpton at a demonstration in NYC years ago.And I totally believe the report from the woman who got picked up by Suzanne Somers one night and then got completely blown off by here the next time they met. I believed the story about Marc Gastineau blowing a Latino guy in a quiet room at a house party.We also got a lot of good, related industry gossip around that and his rant, which made it more authentic to me."Tom Cruise's adopted son is the biological son of one of Tom's ex-boyfriends"You mean Conner, Tom's biracial son?I hope someone steps in and helps that kid deal with being African American AND Tom Cruise's son. I've been reading this site for years, never posting, but always fascinated by the gossip here as well as the intelligent and witty responses.

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