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I can't even remember what the character's name was that I was auditioning for.But I read the part and I said, Ah, that was great.Alanis Morissette’s 1995 hit “You Oughta Know” famously describes her previous relationship with Dave Coulier.While Alanis remains tight-lipped on the subject, Uncle Joey has confirmed this urban legend to be fact, which makes this line tremendously gross: From this we can presume, given the precise detail Coulier acknowledges throughout the rest of the song, that at one point Alanis Morissette gave Dave Coulier a blowjob in a movie theatre.As I was leaving Bob Boyett, who was one of our Full House executive producers — and who, years before I had pitched a pilot I had written to — said, "If you don't get this role then maybe we can talk about that show that you pitched me all those years ago." And I said, "You remember that? DC: They did and you're absolutely right on track there." to which he responded, "Heck yeah, I remember that. You have no idea how close [I was] to putting something together with that script." So I went home and there was a message – back when we had answering machines – and it was from my manager Brad Grey, who is now the head of Paramount Studios, but was my manager then. I did work with them and they actually came to watch me perform in nightclubs a couple of times and they got a lot of ideas from watching me work live, as to what they could incorporate in the show. Sometimes – it didn't happen until Season 3 – in the script, they would let me improv.Because, back in the day, The Tonight Show was the only showcase, nationally, for comedians on television and if you wanted to get on The Tonight Show, you had to work clean; you had to be able to perform in front of a national audience on network television. Jay Leno said something to me early on in my career, when I was only 19 years old on stage at The Comedy Store in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd, and he came up to me after the show one night and said [imitating Leno's voice], "Hey Coulier, I saw your set. You know, if you work clean, you'll work everywhere." And it was the smartest thing another comedian ever said to me.I thought about it afterwards and thought, What does that mean?

That's really the biggest takeaway is that they really feel like family to me.Then I was walking out and Tom Miller, one of the Full House executive producers, said, "Can you read for the role of the father as well? Full House seemed to work in a lot of your voice-over talents, and it became iconic for your character." and the light bulb that went off in my head was, "Well, I didn't get this part." So I came back in five minutes later and read for the role of the father. Was that something that you worked with the show's writers on or were they ad-libs?What is the weirdest thing that ever happened on set? Me, John [Stamos], and Bob [Saget] used to get in trouble from the Full House moms all the time, because a lot times we didn't know the kids were back in their dressing rooms watching on their monitors what was going on on the set.We're acting like idiots, we're acting like adults and we're, you know, pulling our pants off and trying to make the crew laugh, and the moms would go, "Um, gentlemen, the kids are watching you. " It was usually Bob and me, and then sometimes, because John was with us, he was guilty by association.

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