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These will need to be manually recreated, or else saved as presets and imported along with the raw audio and MIDI files.arrives a whole three years after version 6, but Digidesign have released many significant upgrades in the interim.

While these manuals are available for free on-line as PDFs, I like being able to have a printed copy on my desk, especially as Digidesign's documentation is generally pretty well written.In terms of the user interface, the appearance is identical to previous versions, and the only major change is a reworking of the menu organisation.Like many users, I feel a certain amount of dread when the menus are reorganised in an application I use on a regular basis, but in this case Digidesign have actually made it easier to find commands in .version for M Audio hardware does require an i Lok authorisation, but as it's so new, Digidesign are making the version 7 update a free download for existing users.If you're reading this before December 20th 2005, it's worth investigating Digi's Upgrade Plus option, which costs more for the HD version and more for the LE version, but allows you to choose two extra plug-ins from a very tempting selection.

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