Conjoined twins and dating

When Lupita and Carmen were young, they spent years in physical therapy learning how to sit up and work together to use their legs.When they were four years old, they took their first steps together.However, Lupita is suffering from scoliosis (a sideways curvature of the spine), which is cramping her lungs.

And note that while twin threesomes usually veer toward twincest, the twins ok with sharing, you're looking at a Sibling Triangle. Scruffy Xander: Yeah, we checked out some stuff in the car on the way over... Anya: Well, maybe we shouldn't do this reintegration thing right away.

One might wonder how the girls go to the bathroom or deal with the menstrual cycle.

With conjoined twins, the bladder and uterus still function regularly, but one girl has control of one or both of the organs - although it is unclear in this case which girl.

While scoliosis surgery can be a relatively straight-forward procedure, that's not the case in conjoined twins.

There is a high risk of death or brain damage for Lupita.

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