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The MP3s you download can be listened to from your computer, transferred to an MP3 player or even burned onto a CD for your listening, and you can use the MP3s as many times as you like as you see beneficial.Faith Waude Founder of Hypnotic World, Faith has been practising hypnotherapy for over ten years in Yorkshire, England, and has treated many hundreds of clients for a vast range of addictions, phobias and other issues.So many men imagine they have some special role to play when dating - but they don't quite know what it is and so get tied up in awkwardness, or pointless bravado.With the Dating Confidence Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection, you can help your clients who are anxious about their performance in the dating game master the two vital skills of all good communication - being relaxed and paying real attention.Building on the foundation From this deeply relaxed state you will use the hypnosis script to take your client through the process of selecting a model behaviour and experiencing 'trying it on for size' and rehearsing it until it feels like the most natural thing in the world.Make the Dating Confidence Hypnosis Script part of your collection now!Dating is that magical gauntlet that helps us learn more about that other person and lays a strong foundation.

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For many all that may be required is a bolstering that old confidence and self-esteem.Read more Stephen Armstrong Stephen records many of the hypnosis MP3s on Hypnotic World.In his own words * Results may vary from person to person.Yet everyone hopes to find that perfect relationship, right?So each date has the potential to be truly special event which makes it a potentially nerve wracking and insurmountable obstacle for some.

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