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Plan a cool date night at the Flora-Bama lounge and oyster bar, where there’s live music and comfort food. is known for its bustling casinos and scandalous shows, and the fancy resorts top the list of some of the raciest places in the area. Secure some privacy by renting out a space at the chic Montauk Yacht Club, where you’ll have access to a private beach and secluded pools.

Or if you’re in the mood for a more marina-esque meal, head to Peg Leg Pete’s for fresh seafood. Stroll down the beachfront boardwalk to get a true taste for what A. During the summer, eat at the Surf Lodge Restaurant, which is run by world-renowned chefs.

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Plus, you can only get to the island via boat transportation, so you know traffic and tourist groups won’t interrupt your private time.

There were modest rates of growth among Christians in several key faith practices as well: weekly Bible study or prayer group participation grew from 28 percent to 32 percent, daily prayer rose from 66 percent to 68 percent, weekly Bible reading outside of worship services also grew from 41 percent to 45 percent.

Tensions flared when the protesters, from an organisation called the Bible Believers, attended the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan, waving signs with slogans such as 'Islam is a religion of blood and murder' and 'Muhammad is a liar, false prophet, murderer, child molesting pervert'.

While many walk away, do those who in the community of faith exhibit deeper discipleship?

And how are we to effectively reach a culture that no longer listens to us? A later Pew report, released November 2015, said this: “By some conventional measures, religiously affiliated Americans are, on average, even more devout than they were a few years ago.” Though the percentage of those who self-identify as Christian is smaller, among those who the rate of worship attendance held relatively steady over the past seven years.

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