Christian dating couple goals counceling

But even if a husband does yell at his wife more than he should – this is not something for a marriage counselor to solve.This is not something where a wife gets to run to a counselor and say “he yells at me too much”.

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Confusion about the roles of each spouse in the marriage. In my guide “When should a Christian couple seek a marriage counselor?

If this is referring to a wife bad mouthing her husband or husband bad mouthing his wife to others then yes this is wrong – but again this is something that can and should be handled by the couple themselves.

Yes couples need to talk (I Peter 3:7 husbands need to know their wives, and Titus 2:4 wives are to show affection for their husbands). If the husband is not talking to his wife this usually is for one of two reasons.

I address a woman’s obligation to submit to and reverence her husband first because in the Bible God always addresses those under authority to obey and respect their authority first.

Some people might ask – why are the first two principles referring to women submitting to and reverencing their husbands?

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