Christian dating couple goals counceling

But even if a husband does yell at his wife more than he should – this is not something for a marriage counselor to solve.This is not something where a wife gets to run to a counselor and say “he yells at me too much”.So a man “dominating” this marriage in this regard is not only not wrong, but it commanded by God.But if by dominating that means he is selfish and cares nothing about meeting his wife’s needs that God has commanded him to do then this is indeed a problem.The first has to do with her behavior regarding issues such as sexual neglect, neglect of her home, neglect of her children or disrespectful speech or behavior. The Bible is clear – the husband is the head of the wife and the wife is to submit to her husband in everything.

She needs to work within the marriage to find ways to encourage him to talk to her and to continue loving him, respecting him and submitting to him despite his neglect in this area. A wife giving her husband the silent treatment is more than just neglect to her duty to be affectionate toward him. Your husband looking at a picture of a naked woman may be offensive to you but again what Biblical right do you have to go and “tell” on your husband to a counselor (or anybody else for that matter)?

Now we will apply these Biblical principles about marriage and counsel to Got’s list.

Ok if this has to do with physical abuse by either spouse then I would agree the counseling needs to be sought and in some cases the civil authorities may need to be involved.

It is not the place of the wife to seek out a marriage counselor for her husband’s failures in these types of things. The husband is to be the decider and the wife is to be the follower.

A husband is to hear his wife’s concerns about various issues but ultimately the decisions are his to make whether it be in what church they attend, financial areas, what they teach their children regarding morality and the disciplining of the children and other areas of their marriage.

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