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My friends and relatives are all asking about it.‘I don’t mind people enjoying themselves in the sunshine, but not when you have these indecent elements. What am I supposed to tell her when she asks what is going on?

’Other residents, none of whom was consulted about the decision to grant permission for a live music event on their door- step, complained of suffering a sleepless weekend.‘What consenting adults choose to get up to in the privacy of their own tents is their business.

It is not the site of a sex festival.’Patrons of local bus and train services, meanwhile, had their journeys disrupted by intoxicated festival-goers loudly discussing the intimate activities they intended to pursue at the event.

This is not the first community to suffer such problems.

By day, the site in Tunbridge Wells resembled a sort of mini-Glastonbury, where bleary-eyed festival-goers — most of whom appeared to be aged between 25 and 50 — eschewed seedier pursuits to take part in various ‘alternative’ leisure pastimes including yoga, Pilates and ‘guided meditation’.

Meals were served from food vans offering gourmet burgers, wood-fired pizza, French crepes, pulled pork and a variety of vegan and vegetarian meals.

For in a trend that speaks volumes about the normalisation of extreme promiscuity — a factor in the recent success of the grubby TV show Love Island — the activity of ‘swinging’ appears to be entering our cultural mainstream.

Once regarded as the exclusive domain of perverts and oddballs, it is increasingly being marketed to the middle classes as a quirky, fashionable leisure pursuit.

At a selection of arts and crafts workshops, punters were taught everything from life drawing to making nipple tassels to writing erotic literature.

Among the odder spectacles was a ‘cacao ceremony’, a ritual borrowed from Amazonian culture which involves sitting in a circle, drinking raw cacao and banging tambourines as part of what was described, apparently without irony, as ‘a shamanic journey into the underworld to find your power animal’.

Having bought into this mumbo-jumbo, revellers (who were encouraged to don ‘festival wear and fetish wear’) spent their evenings in the bars, where drinks cost between £3 and £7.

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