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They are clearly made for each other and it’s love at first byte–each communicating through their smartphones, even though they are right across the table from each other.

They express their excitement via a parody of the “Papageno/Papagena” duet from THE MAGIC FLUTE. The Speed Dating Coordinator thanks the participants for coming and they file out, some in pairs, some checking with the coordinator for some contact requests.

No matter what they do, nothing ever goes right for them.

In Director Jennifer Shepard's office, NCIS Special Agent Anthony Di Nozzo is busy examining a family photo with young Jenny in it.

Grinning, Di Nozzo then turns and continues exploring some more, passing the door which is still open.

He then spots some flowers on Jenny's desk and goes to study them some more, even grabbing the card. "So then you'd know how rare and expensive they are".

As he prepares to read it, Tony gets a hop when Jenny standing behind him wonders if there's a reason Tony is touching her flowers with Tony stating that he was just admiring them and that flowers are a passion of his. The mastermind who abducted Commander Anne Sullivan and whose colleagues were performing a heist on the hotel that Thomas worked at.

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