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Jim Halpert (The Office) | Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek) 7. Jordan Catalano (My So-Called Life) | Dexter Morgan (Dexter) | Dylan Mc Kay (Beverley Hills 90210) 9. Instant Messenger App (2%) How long it takes for men to first get in touch Vs. Try to fix the date too soon (10%) *women were asked their two main reasons Women’s top 5 favourite first date activities: 1. In 2002, the Canadian was amended to include new offences that would help combat the luring of individuals under the age of 18, by making it "illegal to communicate with children over the Internet for the purpose of committing a sexual offence" (Department of Justice, 2002).Accordingly, police services across Canada began collecting and reporting child luring incidents that come to their attention under this new legislative amendment.Presently, there is little data available on child luring.The information that does exist represents only those incidents that have been reported to the police.

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While expanding the means for social networking, these technologies also offer potential opportunities for child sexual exploitation (National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre, 2006; Wittreich, Grewal and Sinclair, 2008).

Online predators can use cyberspace as a place to meet children and youth in order to lure them for sexual purposes (Wolak, Finkelhor, Mitchell, and Ybarra 2008; Denis, 2007; Sinclair, 2007).

Research shows that Canadian youth are engaging in behaviours that may raise their risk of online sexual exploitation; potentially risky behaviours such as sharing personal information over the Internet, emailing or posting photos online, chatting online with strangers, and visiting adult-content websites and chat rooms (Wittreich, Grewal and Sinclair, 2008).

Therefore, it is difficult to quantify the full extent and nature of child luring offences in Canada.

Nonetheless, using the first available police-reported data on child luring article presents a snapshot of the characteristics of this relatively new criminal offence and the people accused of committing it, as well as an examination of court cases and decisions for child luring offences.

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