Every time we send a packet to our intended target, that packet contains our IP address in the IP header.

When we make a TCP connection, the target system will log our IP address as it logs all connections.

Of course, the proxy will likely log our traffic, but an investigator would have to get a subpoena or search warrant to obtain the logs.Now it is time to configure proxychains, there are two options that can be used whether use nano to edit config file on terminal and the other option is to use your favorite editor, both commands are mentioned below.To get proxychains to use intermediary proxies, we simply need to add the IP addresses of the proxies we want to use here.Hack anonymously is one of the important aspect of Information Security, if you want to conduct penetration testing on a remote computer then active connection is required which surely reveal your identity, sometimes you need to hide your identity while doing vulnerability assessment because of your anonymity and security.Proxy Chaining is a concept which is very helpful to hide an identity on the Internet.

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