Brooklyn cooking dating show

Ladies and gentlemen, Phase Pre-Summer 2017 has officially commenced, and with snow, wind and Netflix & Chill season far behind us, there’s nothing like some warm New York sunshine to spark renewed interest in romantic adventures.

Maybe you’re a guy who’s day-drinking in Brooklyn, spots a pretty young thing in a sundress and thinks to himself, “Damn it to hell, I’d love to take that beautiful lady on a date, but I just don’t know where to go.” Or you’re a cool New York gal who’s looking to take the reigns on an early-in-the-game date, but aren’t sure how to maximize both the splendor and chill factors.

That said, however, there is no reason to not go that extra mile for your main dude, or even for that guy who you woke up next to this morning whose name might be Kevin. This place is sure to please any self-respecting bro with its wide selection of reasonably priced fried-bird pieces, biscuits as big as a baby and maple doused bacon.

So instead of immediately heading to another bar, first suggest you take a stroll through Artists and Fleas.BONUS: Since this place is still relatively under the radar, you can enjoy getting a seat right away as hordes of people barely hold back tears waiting for a table next door at Five Leaves.Five out of 10 brunch “dates” happen when you wake up too hungover to remember how to be a person, next to someone whose last name in your phone still reads just a description of what she was wearing or the name of the bar where you met.Just down the street from The Williamsburg Hotel (in the event you’re staycationing), this painfully adorable Mediterranean haven will surely impress her need for a cute backyard/mimosa Instagram story, not to mention, you can split a few items and figure out your score on menu compatibility. Right from the first impression of their clever, hot sauce-related puns on their sign outside, your guy is going to be like a kid in a candy store perusing all the colorful bottles of fire that this place has to offer. Because what would a store that sells nothing but hot sauce be without a tasting bar?As a guy, you’ll love this place too because they’ll put whiskey in your coffee if you ask and the cheeseburger changes lives. Just watch him saddle right up to the friendly, black-gloved employee and try one, two sauces before telling them he wants the hottest thing they have.

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