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However unlike European countries, there was not powerful working class support for broad social insurance in the The labor and socialist parties’ support for health insurance or sickness funds and benefits programs was much more fragmented than in Europe.

Therefore the first proposals for health insurance in the did not come into political debate under anti-socialist sponsorship as they had in Europe.

In addition, the inclusion of the funeral benefit was a tactical error since it threatened the gigantic structure of the commercial life insurance industry.

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Roosevelt’s successors were mostly conservative leaders, who postponed for about twenty years the kind of presidential leadership that might have involved the national government more extensively in the management of social welfare.

What was the doing during this period of the late 1800’s to 1912?

The government took no actions to subsidize voluntary funds or make sick insurance compulsory; essentially the federal government left matters to the states and states left them to private and voluntary programs.

In a seeming paradox, the British and German systems were developed by the more conservative governments in power, specifically as a defense to counter expansion of the socialist and labor parties.

They used insurance against the cost of sickness as a way of “turning benevolence to power”.

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