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The story centers around three sisters: Sylvia (oldest), Constance, and Jessica (youngest). Her mother, Siu Yau, had objected to her marriage so she eloped to Canada. To keep him, Constance hopes that Jessica, the wealthiest of the sisters, will lend her money so that Frankie can open a business.

What Jessica's family didn't know was that her husband, Patrick, is facing losses in their company.

He ignores her request, and she ends up following him to his boat.

Knowing Terrence is a player, Constance chooses not to dwell on it.Black Panther Respect to all the artist/producers that allowed me to execute a sound for the soundtrack.The Gem of Life (Traditional Chinese: 珠光寶氣) is a TVB grand production drama, that broadcast between October 2008 and February 2009.Siu Yau is disappointed at the failures of her daughters' marriages and praises Jessica for marrying well and rich.Hearing this, Jessica helps Patrick seek tycoon Terrence in hopes that he will invest in their company.

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