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He has created almost every type of music from rock n’ roll to classical.Hardly a staple of MTV, the image of a conservatively suited Zappa testifying before the Senate at the infamous “Porn Rock” hearings in 1985 is his thumbprint on video culture: a soundbite from a sound banquet.So to feel good about the ’80s, I think you would have to be mutated away from the human condition quite a bit, because if you look at the ’80s, there was nothing that swell about it.

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The other thing is, on last night, Stephen Solarz was arguing that we should start the war again and go in there and not just get rid of Saddam Hussein, but root out every aspect of the Baathist Party in Iraq. If the Kurds and the Shiites succeed in toppling Hussein’s government and they go for a democratic parliament and the rest of that stuff, if that trickles southward then it endangers the Kuwait [Emir] and the whole Saudi royal family. SPIN: In think in many ways the reaction to this was was an attempt not only to exorcise the Vietnam syndrome, but to distract attention from how screwed up we were in the ’80s.Tell me, what the fuck kind of tweezers are you going to need to do that? Zappa: The only way you can feel good about the ’80s is if you can’t feel anything at all.If you kill Saddam Hussein the Baathist Party—it’s just like trying to get the Communist Party out of Russia. In a ten-year period, twelve percent of the homeless are Vietnam vets with nowhere to go, maybe thirty percent were dumped out of mental institutions when Reagan closed them in the early part of the ’80s, and the rest of the people were families that got dispossessed during Reagan’s depression during ’82-‘83, when his economics first took its toll, and other people are making a zillion dollars in the stock market by selling junk bonds, and renting puffed air to each other.I did an interview with a German television station not long ago, and the guy said: “ ‘New world order,’ doesn’t he know that Hitler said that?That is a Hitler line.” SPIN: What’s your theory of why America didn’t finish off the war, why we left Saddam in power? national interest point of view it’s probably easier for our business guys to deal with one corrupt monarch or another then to deal with some unruly democratic parliament.

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