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So to feel good about the ’80s, I think you would have to be mutated away from the human condition quite a bit, because if you look at the ’80s, there was nothing that swell about it.

Fortunately for us the music of that period leaves an accurate record of how empty that whole era was.

I think you have to meet them halfway and install equipment into classrooms that are going to be able to deliver data into the language that the kids already understand. And when you’ve got a state like California, with such a huge educational system willing to take up the twelve billion dollar deficit out of the schools, it also tells you something about the parents that would allow that to happen.

Because obviously the parents don’t give a fuck, ’cause they didn’t enjoy school that much themselves.

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Actress Kathryn Keeton, aged 19, cooling off at Roehampton, London, as the temperatures soared to 80 degrees.He has created almost every type of music from rock n’ roll to classical.Hardly a staple of MTV, the image of a conservatively suited Zappa testifying before the Senate at the infamous “Porn Rock” hearings in 1985 is his thumbprint on video culture: a soundbite from a sound banquet.And giving the choice between paying more taxes and just hoping that it gets better and letting the “education President” take care of it, I mean, everybody is sticking their head in the sand.SPIN: Do you think somewhere along the line, it serves the powers that be, the pervading government for the last 10 years, to have education dilapidate to where people don’t think enough to really challenge? I don’t think it’s any accident that the educational system in America has been brought to its current state.

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