Blind dating soundtrack imdb

The story centers on Leonardo (Ghilherme Lobo), a blind high school student struggling with independence.At the beginning of the film, he and his best friend, Giovana (Tess Amorim), are discussing how they have yet to kiss anyone.

He begins to touch his genitals and it is implied he masturbates while smelling Gabriel's sweatshirt.Giovana avoids Leo, still angry at him, and gets drunk with Gabriel, confessing that she feels he's replaced her in Leo's life and Leo wouldn't miss her if he went abroad, which Gabriel knew nothing about.Giovana kisses him, but Gabriel does not reciprocate.Leo and Giovana become friendlier with Gabriel and he joins the pair on their walk home.One day, Leo walks home from school alone with a walking stick, and Fabio and his friends taunt Leo, making movements around his head which Leo can't see.

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