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Leo eventually trips over them and falls, but quickly leaves, angry.He arrives home much later than usual to his frazzled, worried parents.The school goes on a camping trip and Leo sits alone on the bus, with Gabriel next to Karina.Gabriel approaches Leo at the campsite and claims that he was so drunk that he doesn't remember anything from Karina's party, including the kiss, which Leo doesn't discuss.Leo and Giovana go to an exchange agency to get more information, but the agent must go through their parents first, to whom Leo hasn't told his plans.Leo and Gabriel hang out at Giovana's house, and when it's time to leave, Gabriel insists he take Leo back himself to make things easier for Giovana. A school project requires same-sex pairs, so Leo pairs up with Gabriel instead of Giovana.Later that night, Leo smells the clothing and wears it while lying on his bed.

On the way home, Gabriel realizes he left his sweatshirt at Leo's house and asks him to bring it the next day and Leo agrees.While working on the project a few days later, Leo attempts to teach Gabriel Braille, which Gabriel thinks is impossible to learn due to its difficulty.However, Leo remarks that "impossible is [him] riding a bike".Giovana avoids Leo, still angry at him, and gets drunk with Gabriel, confessing that she feels he's replaced her in Leo's life and Leo wouldn't miss her if he went abroad, which Gabriel knew nothing about.Giovana kisses him, but Gabriel does not reciprocate.

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