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Deaths from wind-toppled trees also were reported in Texas and Louisiana, but car crashes caused most of the fatalities.Two people were killed in Kentucky crashes, a New York man was killed after his pickup truck skidded on an icy road in northwest Pennsylvania, and an Ohio teenager died after losing control of her car and smashing into an oncoming snowplow.Few truckers were stopping into a Travel Centers of America truck stop in Willington, Conn., near the Massachusetts border early Thursday.Usually 20 to 30 an hour stop in overnight, but high winds and slushy roads had cut that to two to three people an hour.The theme was crafted for coffee shop, bakery, bistro, cafeteria, coffee house, cafe and restaurant, food and drink, business and services, real estate, medical, design and photography, cars and motorcycles websites.This theme is custom-made for medical, massage therapy, massage, massage salon, massage & spa, aromatherapy massage, hot stones therapy, thai massage, sports massage, head massage, reflexology massage, massagist, and business & services websites.On New York’s Long Island, a Southwest Airlines jet bound for Tampa, Fla., veered off a taxiway and got stuck in mud Thursday morning.

In Georgiana, Ala., an 81-year-old man died Wednesday, a day after a tree fell on his home, emergency officials said. April Mehr Juno Cam-Bilder von den Jupiter-Wolken aus der Nähe am 1.April, in Verarbeitung von Kevin Gill (oben und unten) und Seán Doran – der sich manchmal ganz schön anstrengen muss; auch Ergebnisse anderer hier, hier und hier sowie neue Erkenntnisse zu Ring-So Fi über Patagonien – Korona, Protuberanz & Chromosphäre inklusive!Cars parked along streets in the French-speaking city are barely recognisable as they are buried under nearly a foot of powdery white snow, resembling something more like a marshmallows or jello molds.As airline passengers and drivers across the Northeast of the U. make thwarted attempts to get home from their holiday visits, at least 16 people have died farther south and west and many homes have fallen prey to the wind, rain and snow.

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