Best selling online dating books

“It will be a happy Valentine’s Day indeed.” The new edition of the book is available on Amazon.

The author narrated the newly released audio book version, available on Audible and i Tunes.

She is available to speak on how to make rekindled romances work, how to find love online for Valentine’s Day, the best mobile dating apps, online dating safety, and online dating profile dos and don’ts.

About Julie Spira Julie Spira is America’s Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker.

Some lists are broken down into classifications and specialties (number one best selling new novel, nonfiction book, cookbook, etc.). are published by Publishers Weekly, USA Today, New York Times and the Washington Post.

An author may also be referred to as a bestseller if their work often appears in this category. Most of these lists track book sales from national and independent bookstores, as well as sales from major internet retailers such as and Barnes & Noble.

Spira, an Internet dating pioneer, is the CEO of Cyber-Dating Expert.In everyday use, the term bestseller is not usually associated with a specified level of sales, and may be used very loosely indeed in publishers' publicity.Books of superior academic value or literary merit tend not to be bestsellers, although there are exceptions.Lists simply give the highest-selling titles in the category over the stated period.Some books have sold many more copies than current "bestsellers", but over a long period of time.

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